On September 22, 2017 press conference „Struggle of Addicts on Drugs” took place in the Nádej – Reménység rehab centre in Veľké Kosihy, in cooperation with European Cooperation Day.


The project was launched within the Interreg V-A Slovakia – Hungary Cooperation Program by introductory speech of leaders of the partner group – a Director Mgr. Kálmán Szőcs and Head of the therapeutic programs Péter Oláh. Arianna Biriki, Director for Communication of the Joint Secretariat, subsequently presented the importance of the European Cooperation Day to the press and to the public. Dr. Dávid Szőcs as a project coordinator and a project manager Péter Havasi presented objectives of the project, its target groups, expected results, sustainability and activities: exchange of experience for helpers and clients, drug prevention campaign, education program and infrastructure investments.


During the lunch participants were given the opportunity to discuss the issues and make connections.