Nádej – Reménység, n.o.

We are the only rehab centre in Slovakia that has been providing aid for drug addicts in Hungarian and Slovak language since 1995. Our target group is 18-55-year-old men-alcoholics, drug addicts, individuals addicted to gambling and their relatives. Duration of the comprehensive re-socialization program is at least 12 months. The basic pillars of a long-term residential therapy are the model of the therapeutic community and the Christian faith. Our common goal is re-integration of addicted people into the society, into the family and to a labour market. For our clients who do not have resolved housing after a successful resocialization and are in a disadvantaged social position, we run our Half-way Home Centre.


Our expert team consists of a mental health specialist, a social worker, a lawyer, a psychologist, a pedagogue and an administrative / technical partner, an external general practitioner, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a supervisor and an accountant. An important part of our group is also rehabilitated volunteers. In the Nádej, located on an area of 2.7 hectares, you will find the Rehab Centre and the Half-way Home Centre as well as a chapel, a sport playground, a barbecue area, a park, a small pond, a workshop, a vegetable garden and orchards, stables, animals, while each year we develop step by step.


The goal of therapy from health point of view is to stop the deterioration of the client’s health, restore his health and achieve complete abstinence. The spiritual goal is to incorporate soberness as a value into the life of the client. It’s much more than simply not drinking alcohol, not taking drugs, or not gambling, because an inappropriate behaviour which is associated with drug abuse needs to be overcome and replaced by real values. The root of addiction lies deeper below the surface, so addicted person needs liberation, spiritual healing, and a new life. Through self-discovery, one can change his thinking, recognize and fight risky situations. The social objective is to learn to live responsibly, to re-integrate into society, to restore degraded family relationships and to integrate into the support community.


The usual working day begins at 6.30 a.m. After personal hygiene, morning exercise, breakfast and a short prayer follows cleaning. Every day at 8:00 a.m. and at 4:30 p.m. a group meeting is organized to get better understanding of the spiritual development of our clients, to better understand their addictions and to support their re-socialization process. In the morning and in the afternoon, clients are involved in work therapy, and they can also do sports in their free time. Wednesdays we attend a religion class and Sundays we go to the Mass that involves music and singing. As it was said before, everything that is happening here is part of the therapy: from getting up early, living together, personal discussions, feedback all the way to achieving own responsibility.


We believe that our organization can give hope to many in their hopeless situation – and that many will take this our opportunity.