The fifth and last discussion of our professional roundtable series was organized at the Reformed Theological Faculty, Selye University János in Komárom.


A head physician with decades of experience in the field of addictions and mental illnesses was invited as the presenter to shed light on the medical view of chemical and behavioural addiction to the audience. Additionally we showed the 45-minute documentary movie by Viktor Krűger on “Hope” (Nádej – Reménység, n.o.) and “Stop House” (Megálló Csoport Alapítvány), and then – following a break – a highly useful conversation emerged on the therapy for those in addiction, as well as on the professional skills and virtues of helping professionals. It was also our goal to bring health care and other helping professions (psychologist, social worker, educator, theologist) working on the recovery of addicts closer to each other.