The third expert roundtable called “Behavioural addictions” was organized on our traditional Open Day on May 21, 2018.


During the morning, participants could observe the activities of the Nádej – Reménység, n.o. including the re-socialization centre, garden, animals, and parks of 2.7 hectares. Since Pentecost was celebrated on that day, we had a traditional thankful service in the Nádej chapel.


Following the buffet lunch we asked again PaedDr. Erika Kovácsová, PhD., a special therapeutic pedagogue of Bratislava Drug Addict Treatment Centre for an expert lecture, after which, on the basis of the lecture topic, we gathered for a roundtable discussion. We chose the topic in addition to the substances addictions which were discussed so far (alcohol, narcotics, nicotine, etc.), there are very topical also non-substances addictions such as pathological gambling (slot machines, casino), screen dependence (internet, video games, smartphone), addiction to porn, workaholism or co-dependence.