The fourth session of our professional roundtable discussion series in Hungary was held at “Stop” Reintegration and Community House, where Zénó Orsolics – leader of the Juvenile Drug Therapy Center at Ráckeresztúr – was invited to give a presentation.


He works as a helping professional. His primary goal is to facilitate for young drug addicts to change their lives. He knows what he talks about: as a former heroin user, he went through hell himself. But there was a point when his life took a turn. “I find it important to connect different worlds and people. The politician and the drug addict young guy. The grandma who believes in God and the downtown pimp. The criminal and the Catholic priest. The businessman and the homeless, or the skeptic and the believer. The sober and the drunk. It would be great! To understand, accept and listen to each other. This is my primary mission, my calling. To act as a bridge in the life of other people.”