As part of the fourth activity, the second round of the clients study trip was directed to tje Nádej, where 10 young people and 2 assistants joined the Slovak partner for two days.


The Mégalló Group came to a very authentic rural atmosphere, as they had an opportunity to participate in the rural training listening to the lecture first and then to experience the villager’s piglet shambles, which represented the morning and afternoon work experience of the Nádej. After a common lunch, the participants could talk about basketball, they could meet, have an informal conversation, and in the afternoon a traditional literary therapeutic group followed, where Ilona Oláh, the holder of the Pro Urbe Heritage award and the Hungarian Heritage award, currently retired, provided precious information about Mór Jókai and about Komárno. The singing and playing the songs from Wednesday’s Bible class followed afterwards.


The next day – as it is deemed to be a residential therapeutic community, the day began quite early; right after the morning exercise routine, breakfast and a short prayer and a clean-up time; at 8.00 a.m. we sat in a circle for a brief self-identification which aimed at learning something about each other and each one had revealed something unique about oneself. We spent the day with sports, with a common soccer game that couldn´t be missed out on, because of the weather this time it took place in the gym. The piglet shambles cabbage soup had even more tied the group together, and after lunch we have set together the final group where all the clients and experts of both organizations shared what they gained during this study trip. The warmth of the home glowed by the fireplace and the familiar atmosphere left a lasting experience for all participants.