The fourth activity of the project was the study trip of the clients to Budapest, a visit of the Megálló Group Foundation. The Nádej visited the Hungarian partner with a group of 10 addicts and 2 assistants who participated in the partners therapeutic methods during the two days.


The first day began with simply getting to know one another, and in the afternoon, we continued with a common football which is a therapeutic tool to support teambuilding, self-identification and dealing with successes and failures. On occasion of the 20th anniversary of its inception, the program “Evening in the Megálló” took place, which included performances of the young clients of Ráckeresztúri Tinirehab, the young participants of theatre group, as well as a coach and singer of the Megálló music group and a spontaneously formed “band” consisting of rehabilitated abstainers, including Tibor Kiss, frontman of the Quimby music band. With the selected drum tools, all clients could participate in the “Drum Circle”, the music therapy of Megálló.


The next day after breakfast, a group decided to go for a trip. The group was not discouraged by the dull rainy autumn weather to see the attractions on both banks of the Danube during a two-hour walk. At 11:00 in the morning, we gathered in a self-supporting group in a spacious room in the cellar. With an intimate atmosphere in a group set up according to exactly defined rules, everyone could share their inner condition and what one experienced on that day. Because of the rainy weather, we watched the film about the related topic and sat down in closed circle where the clients and assistants of both organizations talked about what they had experienced over the last two days.