On April 24, 2018, we organized a roundtable called “Addictions and Family” at the Reformed Theological Faculty of János Selye University, joined with a lecture.


In the second round of events series, we tried to answer questions about the effects of an individual’s drug addiction or a certain behaviour towards ones family relationships, which is called co-dependence; what family members can do for their addicted relatives and for family rehabilitation. The Forum was opened by Attila Lévai, Dean of the RTF UJS, Zsolt Görözdi, President of the RTF UJSK Academic Senate, and Gizella Szőcs, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Nádej – Reménység Foundation followed by a spectacular lecture delivered by a special therapeutic pedagogue Erika Kovácsová of the Bratislava Drug Addict Treatment Centre, which gave the basis for a roundtable discussion.