The fourth professional roundtable discussion in our series was organized at the Business and Information Center in Dunaszerdahely, in cooperation with FEMIT civil association.


The presenters invited to the event were not only practicing professionals, but they also had personal experience in the fight against addiction, as well as the role of the family in this process. János and Dániel Lovizer are the leaders of the Center for Addiction and Family Counseling – besides, a father and a son, considering themselves to be recovering addicts; and Károly Gáspár, president of “Cannabis Deseeding” Foundation, a father personally concerned. Our first goal was to address the experts and interested people, and emphasize that family as such was still the most important unit of society, and therefore it has a key role in the prevention of drug addiction or in finding common solutions when addiction had already become a fact. Furthermore, we wanted to build relationships and strengthen the network between the various professional fields.